Unboxing Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 ***** I’m Technology

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 powers itself whenever there’s light using integrated solar panels – no power bricks or charging cables needed. But, even though it’s powered by light, the keyboard can operate for up to three months in total darkness. Muhammad Noman chaudhry A+, N+, HIT IT, CS101 I’m Technology
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HHI 8800mAh Universal External Back up Battery (For Laptop, Cellphone or iPhone)

www.handhelditems.com The only charger you will need for travel! This HHI 8800mAh lithium-ion Universal Laptop and Cell Phone External Back up Battery is one of the most powerful smallest external battery out in the market today (palm size). Also comes with LED indicator and switch between 16V or 19V for different power charging. This back up battery has intellectual protection chip to prevent any short circuit to your device. Also with its high capacity and you won’t worry about running out of power for your cellphone or laptop. Specification: * Dimension: 127*82*25 (mm) * Battery type: lithium-ion battery * Capacity: 3.7V – 8800mAh / 32.5WH (or 14.8V – 2200mAh) * Rated input: DC 16.8V 1.5A * Rated output: USB 5V 0.6A DC 16V/2A 19V/2A Feature: * High capacity: 8800mAh, is equivalent to 10 times of the capacity of cellphone battery . * Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to more than 500 circles, later the power can still remain 80%. * For 16V and 19V Notebooks. * USB 5V output voltage for cellphone, PSP, iPhone etc. * Intellectual protection chip: protection for overcharge, over discharge, overload and short circuit protection. How to use it: Charge the mobile charger 1) Press the button to check the capacity * 4 LED on: 95%-100% power * 3 LED on: 65%-95% power * 2 LED on: 35%-65% power * 1 LED on: 15%-35% power * No LED on: less than 15% power 2) plug the adaptor into a power outlet to charge the power when on or off Charge your electric devices( Laptop, MP4) 1) Press
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