Third Rail Slim Case and Smart Battery for iPhone 4 and 4S review – We show you the awesome Third Rail Slim Case and Smart Battery for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in this episode. The design of the Third Rail system is brilliant. The case itself protects the iPhone, but is super slim because of the fact that the battery is removable. When you need power, you just slide a Smart Battery into place, and your phone is charging. Even cooler, the Smart Battery can charge other USB devices on its own, not just iPhones. So if you have an Android device, a Kindle, or anything else, you can use the Smart Battery to charge it. The batteries are also stackable, and you can have up to 6 Smart Batteries giving power to a device, or being recharged, all at once. Be sure to catch more of our videos by subscribing – seriously, subscribe if you like us! Also check us out at You can also find us on Twitter – http – and Facebook –

P-Flip™ Foldable Solar Power- Dexim P-Flip, a solar-powered battery and dock (charge & sync) for the iPhone. The P-Flip Solar offers a number of impressive features. The P-Flip Solar is capable of extending talk time up to 6 hours, video or gaming time up to 10 hours, or music time up to 40 hours. Open the P-Flip to reveal two camouflage-colored solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into juice for your iPhone. It takes around 15 hours of exposure to natural sunlight for a full charge or simply use the included cable. It also functions as a foldable dock (charge & sync) for your iPhone, allowing hands-free viewing horizontally or vertically.
Video Rating: 3 / 5