Spare Battery Charger Review Head to our site above to comment or check out our other videos. In my own personal mission to try and lengthen the life of my smartphone’s battery, I’ve used portable chargers, solar chargers, and even spare batteries. Personally the only one of the those options that significantly extends my battery’s life (by double of course) is using a spare battery. Now, there are a few inconveniences that come along with that of course. Among them is, batteries aren’t cheap, it’s annoying to carry around another battery in your pocket, and that in order to have both chargered you need to fully charge your original battery and then take it out and put in the spare and wait for that to charge as well. This last issue is probably the biggest pain for me, but thanks to the guys over at Wireless Emporium, we were sent a way to at least fix that problem; a universal spare battery charger. Let’s see if it works.
Video Rating: 4 / 5