Solar Backpack Survival Kit

Solar Backpack Survival Kit: Includes everything you need for outdoor living and emergency wilderness survival. items in Solar backpack includes: * UVA Water Purifier pen-cleans any water source with uva light, *Foldable Flexible Solar Cooker * Back pack with solar charger * Ready to Eat Meals Entree (5-year shelf life) * Accessory packs including hot sauce, coffee, creamer, toilet paper, salt, matches and moist towelette * 2 Man Tents * Flint Fire Steel Western union money transfer Striker Starter * Camper Pot & Pan Kit * Emergency Poncho * Survival Blanket * First Aid Kit * 12-hour Emergency Light sticks * Crank Radio, Alarm, Flashlight with Mobile Charger **To upgrade your Solar backpacks to enable laptop charging, laptop solar chargers are available on our solar products link for an additional 9.00 Unique to the Deluxe 4-Person Emergency Kit are three extra items and the use of solar energy. Product Description: Rechargeable Lithium Battery Includes: 1 USB and 1 Discharging Cable 6 Interchangeable Connectors Case with Adjustable Stand Hook & Loop Straps for Attaching to Backpack Fits Motorola V66, Motorola V3(i), Nokia 6101, Sony Ericsson K750, Samsung A288, IPhone 3G, IPOD Nano, Video & Touch Players Technical Details * HIGH EFFICIENCY SOLAR CELL * ULTRA SLIM POWER BANK * CHARGES IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT IN 2 TO 3 HOURS OR ON YOUR PC IN 2 HRS * RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY * CHARGES CELL PHONES, IPODS AND IPHONES Visit our web shop at: Feel free to read
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