SoL Hybrid Power Pack – As Seen On TV Commercial – SoL Hybrid Power Pack for iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, 3GS, The SoL Hybrid Power Pack is a new iPhone/iPod Touch charging device that will keep your iPhone/iPod Touch powered up for days! The case has an internal extra-large battery that triples your iPhone life and its integrated solar panel also allows you to charge with sunlight or indoor light. The device also charges very fast (three times faster than a wall charger) by utilizing its revolutionary Rapid Charging Technology. Additionally, the case has a built-in flashlight and comes with three free screen protectors. The SoL Hybrid Power Pack is like nothing on the market. Not only can you use it as a fast-charging power pack on the go, but also you can choose to keep it on full time as a protective charging case. No other charging accessory in the world will keep you as connected as a SoL Hybrid Power Pack!