SOL 12 Charging Device on Solar Cell

SOL 12 Charging Device on Solar CellWhen summer comes we try to get outside the city more often. And of course, we take various electronics with us, such as mobile phones, photo cameras, etc. But very often batteries of these appliances die at inappropriate time. Of course, we may use car charger in this case but what if there is no car nearby? In this case a portable charging device SOL 12 powered from a solar cell will help you.The operational principle of SOL12 is based on converting solar energy into electric. The device stores electric energy in the accumulator unit and then supplies the accumulated capacity to a portable digital electronic device connected to the charger. This can be a cell phone, a digital camera, an MP3 player, or a manual self-powered tool. It is alright if you do not have extra storage batteries at hand. The batteries of portable devices can be charged from solar-cell panels of the charger.Here is the example of charging. We connect a screw-driving machine to the device. And you see, like I’ve said, the charger has two sockets. We connect it the first socket, and it charges from batteries. A green LED is blinking. Here it is the same. You see, it is charging. If you don’t have storage batteries at hand and the sun is bright then we connect the appliance into a “Solar” socket. And you see, it also charges, a green LED is blinking… A red LED indicates that the battery is fully charged.Besides the charger the supply set includes various adapters
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