SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 4s Rugged Case Promo Version

Snow Lizard Products presents the SLXtreme out in the wild. Filmed in the beautiful Sequoia National Park, This promo short highlights the features of the SLX. Share with your friends and like! -Rugged -Waterproof -Integrated battery for almost double the juice -Solar panel for continuous charging and emergency situation survival Check out for more info and to order your very own SLXtreme.


SoliCharger-SP Overview This unique case, solar charger, amplified speaker system works with virtually any iPhone®, iPod®, cell phone, MP3 player, and even Sony PlayStation®. You can charge the internal lithium ion battery in any of four ways: using a 110v adapter, using a 12v adapter, through the USB port on your computer, or by using clean, green solar power. Then use the stored power to charge your device and/or plug it into the amplified speakers for amazing sound from such a small package. Perfect for traveling, camping, boating, or anywhere you want music or need a cell phone charge.
Video Rating: 5 / 5