PowerPort™ Laptop – Portable Charger & Battery

PowerPort™ Laptop - Portable Charger & Battery

Lenmar’s PowerPort Laptop is the ideal solution for powering & re-charging laptop computers and handheld electronic devices. Simple to use, compact and extremely versatile, the PowerPort Laptop keeps you powered up and ready anytime, anywhere. Slip one of our ultra-slim units into your laptop case on your next business trip and you’ll have an extra 3-4 hours of additional battery life at your disposal for working, watching movies and even charging your other electronic devices. Whether it’s working at the local coffee shop for a few hours or flying around the world on business for several weeks, users will appreciate the powerful features and connectivity options of Lenmar’s PPU916 External Power Pack. It’s the one indispensable power solution you need for today’s fast-paced, wired world. To find a retailer near you, go to www.lenmar.com. – Charges and powers laptop & notebook computers anytime, anywhere – Provides up to 3 hours of additional run time – Fully recharges from laptop’s existing AC power supply in about 5 hours – Includes a 5 LED battery indicator to show available power – Integrated 16V & 19V DC switch for laptops, 5.3V for USB power – Handy USB port for charging iPods, mobile phones handheld games, etc. – Includes 9 charging adapter tips for over 30000 different laptop models – Model # PPU916 – 1 year warranty
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