Mophie Juice Pack Plus 2000 mAh Battery Case for the iPhone 4

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Check out our Kickstarter page at: . See how you can support sustainable economic development in emerging markets by purchasing a ReadySet in the US on Kickstarter today! Find out more about Fenix International at: ——————————————————————————————- Transcript: Hi! My name is Mike Lin. And I’m Brian Warshawsky. And we run Fenix International, a San Francisco-based startup, where we make renewable energy products for emerging markets. Our first product, the ReadySet, is a renewable energy system that can be charged from solar panels, bicycle generators, or even grid electricity. An estimated 1.5 billion live off the grid, without access to electricity. Incredibly, 600 million use cell phones even while lacking the power to keep their phones charged. They also burn kerosene for lighting, which is dirty, dangerous, and expensive. We designed the ReadySet to make it easy to start an off-grid phone charging business, as well as provide clean and safe electric lighting. Annette: “I was able to collect 100000 UGX ( USD) from the charging of people’s phones last month.” Since we launched the ReadySet in Africa, many of our friends have been asking us, when they’ll be available here in the US. We’re happy to announce, the time is now. While we designed the ReadySet for the developing world, there are just as many applications for the ReadySet here at home. Each ReadySet Kit includes a 15 Watt
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