Mobile Solar USB Power Charger Station (Filmed with Sanyo Xacti CG10)

Mobile Power Station USB Solar Powered Charger. It can charge your ipod or any USB device that uses a USB connector to recharge with. Specs: (From manufacturer) Dimensions: 14.9×60.8×55.6mm Weight: 51grams Capacity 1350mA Compatible with: Iphone/Ipod series All kinds of cell phones All kinds of MP3 and MP4 players All kinds of digital cameras 3 Settings: (1) Output (2) Input (re-charge with USB power) (3) Re-charge from sunlight Re-charge by sun: Takes about 5 hours Re-charge by USB: Takes about 3 hours Purchased from: This video was filmed entirely and unedited with the Sanyo Xacti CG10.

While testing the Brunton Explorer we found out that charging smartphones may or may not work, but we were successful with normal cell phones and our Ipod. I want to take this out for more field tests but as of right now with the price tag of – , this seems to be a great piece of gear. – Adam