iPhone Solar Charger Cases: Powering Up On The Go

Powering up on the go: Choosing Your iPhone Solar Charger Case

Modern mobile phones need lots of power.
The once simple to operate cell phone has evolved, becoming a complete computer platform, a movie theater, a sound system, a virtual office, and many other things. Nowhere is this more evident than in the iPhone, now in its fifth version. However, all of this flexibility comes at a cost: power. Although batteries have also evolved, their capacity has in no way kept pace with the demands on the device. For many who find themselves constantly on the go, they have increasingly turned to an iPhone solar charger case.

Recharge on the go.
The benefits of these mobile chargers are obvious to those who have stared blankly as their phone beeps, beeps, and dies. Those constantly, or even intermittently, on the move now have the capability of recharging on the go, without having to search for a power outlet. Various versions of the iPhone solar charger case are constructed so that you still have access to the phone while it is charging. They provide an aperture for screen, as well as apertures for the built-in camera, microphone, and other accessories.

Most are lightweight and, of course, portable. They no longer have the look, feel and weight of a car battery. Many come with alternative charging sources such as a battery pack, and the ability to plug in to AC or USB ports. Those models that provide built-in batteries can significantly extend the use time between charging.

Are there any drawbacks?
There are drawbacks, however. Although solar recharging ability has rapidly improved, on most models, solar charging is extremely slow. On one of the most popular models, eight hours of direct summer sunlight yielded less than a 30% battery charge. This doesn’t inspire confidence that solar charging is going to keep your iPhone charged on a week-long camping trip. On those models that include traditional charging as well as solar charging, the typical recharge time from plugging in was also slowed a bit. The chargers are much bulkier than traditional carry cases, although most offer quite similar protection for the phone to traditional cases.

Further, if you have an iPhone 3 or earlier, your search for a solar charger case will be much more difficult, and will not produce as many quality options for your phone. As with everything Apple, the earlier the model, the less there is available to augment it. Some of the chargers for the iPhone 4 and 5 will fit the earlier iPhone models, but not all will; and, since portable solar charging is relatively new, there were significantly fewer solar chargers designed for earlier iPhone generations.

The future of solar charger cases.

The days of overnight, plugin phone chargers are as gone as the days of land and party lines. People use their iPhones and android-based phones as complete communications platforms, not just as a telephone device. Because the device is so much more, the need to recharge quickly on the go is imperative. While solar chargers are still in their relative infancy, you can find an iPhone solar charger case that makes life more convenient and accessible. Just don’t expect your charger to save you from grizzly bears, at least not yet.

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