Homemade Solar Iphone USB charger (first attempt)

I found an old car USB charger that works with iphone(no brand) Its 12v in 5v out. Hooked it up to 6 X 1.2v 2200.Mah, total of 7.2v going in to the USB adaptor which drops it to 5v… I could use 5 batteries for 6v but decided it would be less fuss to use 6. I butchered a solar bug killer and used its case, I ripped out evertthing except the solar panels Iv not tested them yet to see what power they are. I will do an update with more detail soon.

here are some solar chargers for my iphone 2G. The Pico is good for only emergincy use and the flyer solar panel that produces 2600mAh power ful enough to charge my phone over 2 times also some other bits that i have
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