euronews hi-tech – Iraq’s sole-power phone-charging feat An enterprising inventor in Iraq has taken steps to re-charge mobile phones using sole power. Inspired by the many pilgrims in the holy city of Karbala, Baha al-Hasnawi dreamed up a way to harness energy from walking that would otherwise go to waste. The handy foot-driven device could prove a boon in a country whose electricity network is still in disarray after ten years of war. The up and down pressure produced during each step generates a continuous charge, as long as you are still walking of course, and once connected to the built in cable it is possible to keep a mobile topped-up, avoiding the need to re-boot. The 30-year-old inventor developed the idea in a make-shift workshop at his home in Karbala. Everyone has to make sacrifices to make an invention work, and in this case is was Baha’s child who gave up a mechanical toy in the name of science. He removed the motor and tested the charge it could produce. Once satisfied, he added the necessary wiring, and buried the generating device where it could not be seen. ”I put a mini-generator from a teddy in the sole of this shoe, and I have wired it up to charge a mobile phone during each walk,” Baha explained. “The pilgrims benefit from this device when they converge on Karbala.” Once the business-end has been shoe-horned into its hiding place, it is down to the local cobblers, where the footwear is stitched back together and made to look like new again. Thousands of pilgrims spend hours walking from
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sorry about the crappy photography! but anyway i used a tape case and cut the holes in it with a soldering iorn (melted it) then i got a transformer from radio shack for about .50 this makes my 6v solar panel into a constant 5v stream which is what a normal usb uses. got the solar panel on amazon for its great cause it can be all different voltages. but if you want to charge an ipod you will need an ipod transformer which is the black thing in the tape box i got that from a 120v 12v car inverter. and hotwired a usb female plug from a windup radio (you can get that from anything,old pc ect…) any questions just ask.