Amzer 3500 mAh Battery Backup Solar Charger featuring Micheal Garfield

Get Yours Here: The Amzer Solar Charger is a multi-functional solar powered emergency charger. The built in 3500mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery can, of course, be charged by sunlight, as well as by computer via USB, AC adapter or car charger (all with the included charging cable). It’s easy and convenient to charge all of your different mobile digital devices, from your mobile phone to your digital camera, MP3 player, GPS device or Bluetooth headset. Plug in your existing USB to device cable and charge any gadget between 3.6V and 5.5V, whenever or wherever you go. The Amzer Solar Charger is ideal for an eco-friendly re-charge or is great in any emergency situation. Note: Some devices do not charge from USB cable. Please confirm if your USB cable supports charging.

This is a great solar powered charger/protective case for the iPhone 4S. The battery charger is great for camping, traveling, hiking or if living off-grid! Takes only 2-hrs to charge by solar power and will double the battery life of the iPhone.
Video Rating: 5 / 5