AccessoryGeeks: Solio iPhone 4 Solar Charger Hi Geeks!!!! The Geeks here at AccessoryGeeks thought it would be a great idea to start going green so we are going to showcase the Solio Solar Powered Charger. So you may be asking yourself, “Well why would I need a solar powered charger?” Well, are you always near a power outlet to charge your phone? Do you always carry an extra battery? Chances are that you don’t and having a unit that utilizes our most abundant source of energy, the sun, is going to be a great solution for you. The unit comes with adapters for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad along with a USB adapter that can be used with whatever electronic device that utilizes a USB data cable for charging purposes. The Solio Solar Power Battery Pack is a great solution if you find yourself outdoors often or if you’re finding ways to cut down on electricity cost. Shop for the Solio Solar Powered Battery Pack at where shipping is FREE within the US and Canada.