1 JuiceBox- medical devices, self-sustaining uninterrupted power, preppers. Buy one today!

An introduction of the JuiceBox. A complete Alt-Energy system in a can! Hardened Power Systems is the designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of this device. We also design and build custom solutions to unusual energy problems… · Case is enameled steel, welded at all seams, and given 3 coats of enamel paint. · Hinged lid is sealed with a continuous rubber gasket and is removable. · Inverter provides 400 watts constant, 800 watts surge. · Two AGM batteries totaling 288 WH (24 AH). Sealed, spill-proof, and maintenance free. · Battery life is 300 to 400 cycles – replacements are easy to find, buy, and install. · Digital meter displays real-time voltage of the batteries. · Circuit breaker protects sensitive components—no fuses to replace or worry about. · Two marine-grade 12 volt sockets for all common automotive devices. · Two Anderson Power Pole connections for high-power, Low-loss 12 volt power. · Two 120 volt pigtails, three-prong, to power common ‘house power’ devices. · USB port for powering and charging phones, tablets, games, etc. · Mil-Spec folding solar panel – 10 Watts, fits inside case and deploys in seconds. · 3-amp Automatic Battery Charger – charges and maintains the batteries from a wall socket. · Automatic Solar Controller, 4.5 amp capacity. Can easily handle up to 60 watts of solar panels. · Tough, mil-spec foam ‘locks’ the system into the can to resist vibration and jarring. · Dimensions: 12″ x 13″ x 5.5″ Weight: 29 lbs